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About Hair Transplant Photos

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The hair transplant photos show the scalps of individuals who have had Hair transplants done on their scalps. The hair transplant photos make the transplant scars clearly visible to the naked eye. Seeing the Hair Transplant photos all of a sudden may make them appear gross on the very first viewing but then the viewer will gradually get used to these photos.

How is a hair transplant done?

HEADBAND - Prevention Of Post-Operative Edema

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One of the most common complications observed after hair transplant surgery is forehead edema (swelling) and subsequent periorbital ecchymosis (bruising around the eyes). This occurs as fluid from the recipient area migrates downward along tissue planes from the top of the head to the upper forehead, then to the area above the eyebrows, and eventually down around the eyes, where the appearance of bruising can be cosmetically distressing to the patient.
Several therapeutic modalities have been utilized to prevent or ameliorate this phenomenon, including the use of corticosteroids, ice packs to the area, massaging the fluid laterally once it accumulates, and sleeping in a semi-upright position. None of these techniques are universally successful.
A novel technique involves the use of a headband; the most optimal results seem to revolve around two factors. First, a channel of least resistance needs to be provided. This can be achieved by simply inserting a rolled-up gauze beneath the headband at the level of the temples; thus, the fluid migrates laterally and downward, rather than directly down into the orbital region. Secondly, the edges of the thumbs may be used to mechanically massage the fluid laterally in a sweeping motion, from the midline outward toward the temples.

The Importance of Scab Removal for Post-Operative Healing

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Why is it important to remove crusting and scabs from areas that are trying to heal post hair restoration surgery?

In the first few hours after an incision is made, a coagulum or scab forms over the cut. Between 12 and 72 hours, skin cells divide and multiply. The new skin cells migrate across the wound. The dried crust over the wound is a barrier to the new skin cells. Rather than being able to glide straight across the wound, they must go under the crust, creating a shallow depression in the healing.

Initial scabbing is advantageous. It helps to hold the graft in place. But by the fourth day, scabbing is no longer necessary. Scabs provide a warm, moist environment that encourages bacterial growth. Bacteria cause a build-up of debris and waste products. This can cause an inflammatory response, which can be detrimental to growth. It is best at this point to remove the scabs. Hair Cycle biotin spray contains enzymes that dissolve crusts and scabs. Not only does this look better cosmetically, but it also promotes safe correct healing.

Redness post hair restoration surgery

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I am 3 weeks post op from a hair transplant surgery and am looking to get some Biotin Spray to help with recipient area redness.

Thank you for your inquiry. Individuals who undergo hair transplant surgery for hair loss, particularly those who have a large procedure are prone to redness after surgery. Individuals with fair skin or skin that is pink prior to a procedure are more prone to post-operative redness. Redness is a sign of inflammation. Hair cycle products are designed to reduce inflammation and redness. We will be happy to send you some biotin spray as this may help to speed your recovery and reduce redness. It helps to get rid of scabbing and redness faster. It has also been reported to promote faster hair re-growth. In order to get the most benefit of the Biotin spray, you should begin using it every hour during your procedure and continue a light mist of the recipient area every hour after the procedure while awake. Don't worry about waking up every hour while asleep. A full night's rest is important to the healing process too. Since you are already three weeks out from your procedure, you will not get all the benefits of the Biotin Spray. Still, it is good to begin using it now as it is very healthy for your grafts.

Don't forget that the shampoo and conditioner are very healthy for your hair and your hair loss. The shampoo has been reported to speed up the growth rate of hair. This can be very important to those with thinner hair, particularly those with fine hair or with hair loss.

Hair Transplant in the young patient

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I'm 21 years old with minimal hair loss and want to rostore my hair, Is hair transplant a good option?

Hair restoration surgery in young patients can be dangerous. We simply do not have a crystal ball and no one can predict your future. If you begin surgery when you are young, you may find your hair loss exceeds your donor capacity. At this point, you may wish that you had not begun doing surgery and simply desire to return to your natural state of baldness. Unfortunately, I find many individuals present to my office with this very complaint. They simply want to return to a natural, bald state. The younger the person when he first experiences hair loss, the more hair loss he can expect to occur over the remainder of his life. Like it or not, hair loss is a lifelong process that will not cease until you die or you discover a medical cure for hair loss. We cannot predict when we will see a cure for hair loss. If you are already an advanced degree of hair loss in your early twenties, we would recommend against hair restoration surgery. If your degree of loss is less, and you have excellent hair characteristics, you might consider a surgical solution at some point with the treatment of hair cycle post-op products.

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