Hair Transplant in the young patient

Young man hair loss

Young individuals should not begin surgery in their early twenties without first trying medical treatment. Most medical treatments such as minoxidil, Propecia, Avodart, and topical spironolactone do not grow a significant amount of hair in most individuals. What they do often though, is slow or even stop hair loss. This is very important to you. You are buying time until we have a better solution and perhaps limiting the amount of hair restoration you will require over the course of your lifetime. This may ultimately save you money and preserve your coverage for a longer period of time. You may also slow your hair loss until such time that you become more comfortable with your degree of hair loss. This means that if your donor supplies will allow us to give you a full look in the front, but a thin or bare look in the back, vertex, you may be happy with this result at age 50, but very disappointed at age 23. In other words, people tend to become more comfortable with their hair loss as they age. This is not an absolute rule though. I have seen many men in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s who were not happy with their hair loss and sought treatment.

If you do consider surgery at a young age, we recommend CIT – Cole Isolation Technique. This is the only true stand-alone procedure. In other words, you can elect to shave your head down the road and still appear natural because you will not have a linear strip scar in your donor region.
We do not recommend strip incisions in the young patient and feel that it is important for any physician to disclose the potential benefits of FIT/FUE and the linear scar complication to any young male seeking hair restoration surgery.

FIT also allows you to pursue the “less is more” illusion of coverage. Here the hair is cut very short in a crew-cut fashion. The balding or thinning areas are restored so that they appear thin but natural. We do not attempt to restore the density you were born with but give you a thin look. When the hair is cut short, we find the illusion is such that you appear to have better coverage than you really do. In other words, less coverage gives you a more full illusion.

Typically, we recommend that any person delay hair restoration surgery until they are 23 years of age. we would consider FIT placed in a conservative fashion in a younger male though, but only if they were fully educated and had been counseled by those who experienced hair transplant surgery at a young age, but now spend a large portion of their time educating others about their unfortunate mistakes.

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