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Follow Up HT Healing using Hair Cycle

I had a hair transplant 2 months ago and all went great.
In terms of my routine, I shampoo with hair cycle every day, alternating Hair Cycle with Nizoral (the latter only 2x/week). I exercise at least 5X/week, and follow a healthy diet. Two days ago, I decided to trim my hair very short, to improve my overall appearance. I did not include pictures, but I can comment that there is no visible sign of graft removal in the donor areas. They really look great, like nothing ever happened ! Hopefully, I will be able to document that in my next update. This is true (as you can see in this set of pics) also for the beard and chest, where only some minor redness remains.

Hair transplant healing using haircyle


You should market to ladies with polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. There are so many women out there looking for this product. I have PCOS and it works wonders for better than anything, and I have tried the best of the best.


Hair Cycle shampoo and Rogaine have made a huge difference in the appearance of my hair. I'm a six-time Dr. Cole hair restoration patient and have found that Hair Cycle shampoo does exactly what it claims... It keeps more of your hair in the growing (anagen) phase. Before using Hair Cycle shampoo, I noticed that quite a few hairs would come out in my brush. Now after using Hair Cycle shampoo regularly, only one or two hairs come out after vigorous brushing.

Check my results at: Forhair - Before and after photos


Dr. Cole patient, Alpharetta

Around three months ago, I was looking for a good shampoo that would be healthy for my scalp. I had just decided to stop taking proscar due to side effects after only a couple of weeks use. I decided I would keep my hair buzzed down short, but wanted to use a shampoo that would be healthy for the hair I had left and my scalp. I had what I assume was sebum, where tiny crusty granules would form on my head and I would feel at least a few a day.

After doing some limited searching on here, I decided to go with Dr. Cole's Hair Cycle shampoo. I figured that maybe it would help with the sebum. Fast forward three months to today. This shampoo is completely exceeding my expectations. Not only is the sebum problem gone, the bare areas around my receding temple areas are growing hair. At first I thought it might be my imagination, but it really does seem to be happening. I am seeing lots of lighter peach fuzz type hairs, mixed with light brown finer hairs, mixed with darker brown thicker hairs in areas that were bare just three months ago.

I used to get upset looking in the mirror and seeing less hair. Now I am getting excited when I look in the mirror, because there seems to be a little more each time I look. I don't have any wild allusions that it is all going to come back, but I feel I am getting pretty damn good results from a shampoo. That is all I am using besides occasionally using the Hair Cycle conditioner and once a week I use Nizoral.

Check the full story on the baldtruthtalk community:
Hair Cycle Treatments Review

Mane Man


I want to praise your wonderful products
My hair always felt so dry and since i tried the shampoo and especially the conditioner my hair feels so rich and smooth...excellent...bravo!

Sivan K.

Paris, France

I just want to let you know that Im very pleased with your products.
I have been using both the shampoo and conditioner for a month, and I see improvement in my hair and scalp.
to my opinion your hair products are the best that available these days.
Thank You so much.

Happy Customer


I just had a hair transplant about one week ago and have been using the Biotin spray every hour as recommended since then. I am simply astounded at the healing I have experienced. I had a first hair transplant seven years ago and experienced redness around the recipient sites for almost two months given my fair skin! This time with the Biotin spray, on the seventh day since the transplant, the scabs have started falling off and there is virtually NO REDNESS on my scalp!!!! Once the rest of the scabs fall off over the next couple of days, there will be no evidence that I had surgery! This product is AMAZING!!! If you want to experience fast healing and quickly disguise the tell-tell redness signs that you had surgery, then I highly recommend that you use this product.


I used haircycle shampoo and conditioner for the first time this morning. After just one use, my scalp is so much healthier! It is usually dry, and I have tried everything to help from cheap grocery store shampoos to prescriptions to expensive salon brands. This is the only thing that helps. The quality is good for my hair as well. My hair is healthy-looking and easy to style. The conditioner is light and doesn’t weigh my hair down. I am very happy with Hair Cycle. It is my brand from now on, and I am giving some to my mother and grandmother as well.

Jessica A.

Atlanta, GA, USA

I'll attest to the hair cycle biotin spray. I used the stuff starting a few hours after my surgery. My scabs were 100% gone by day 7, and my redness on all but a small bit of my head was literally gone by week 2. I still have a touch of discoloration in some spots, nothing major. I am using up my 2nd bottle right now. I am over 3 weeks out of surgery.
I'm using the shampoo too. We'll see what my results look like at 4 months.



Hello everyone, I wanted to post my one week post op pictures for everyone to see. I am VERY impressed! The Hair Cycle Biotin spray works wonders! I have been using it religiously every hour on the hour. At night I have been using it when I get up to go to the bath room Razz I have also been using the Hair Cycle shampoo every day. As far as the coverage and the grafts go, I could not be happier.

Kentucky Su


I wanted to express my satisfaction with your shampoo and conditioner products I have recently started using. Although I use both products daily I must say my favorite by far is your conditioner. I use the product daily and I leave the conditioner in for about two to five minutes. My hair has much more body, I dont lose hair like I did with other products on the market and it has a fantastic shine and so much easier to manage. Your products are awesome! Thanks Again!



Here is the latest. My healing is going great!!. The new hair growth is starting to pickup, I see a lot of small bumps, then a couple of days later - hair appears. I have been using the Density Product from Bumble and Bumble on my scalp (that was the information I gave you when I was there in August) and it is helping the new hair to grow fast.
I also chatted with another person who had a transplant from another doctor in Virginia and we compared notes. He had his transplant done over a year ago and does not have nearly the new growth I am experiencing. He recently had more transplants done and his recovery process was much longer before he could return to his normal routines. For example he could not begin scrubbing his scalp until after 14 days. He was amazed that I was able to begin vigorous scrubbing in 10 days. Also most of my scabs fell off within 7-10 days. He had scabs up to 14 days. One of the things I told him that might have permitted faster healing time is the hair cycle product.

Daniel G.

My healing compared to my last 2 sessions is incredible!
After hearing so many success stories about the "Hair Cycle post surgery products" from patients i decided to test it and the results are excellent.
In my previous sessions i had redness in the receipting area for about 1.5 months and also in the donor...this time after 1 week of using the post surgical gel for my donor and the Biotin spray for the recipient area the scalp is clean like a mirror and my grafts didn't shed at all!, while in my previous sessions i had shedding in the first 12 days...


Dear fellow thinners,
I would like to give some feedback re: the haircylce products that I have utilized. I have had 3 FIT procedures for around 1200 follicular units. The last one I had, they sent me home with the haircylce shampoo and conditioner. I have to tell you, this stuff works really well. My donor and recipient area healed faster than before, and my hair had become darker and thicker within 2 weeks of use. I have continued to use it and notice my hair growing faster than it has in a long while. I just purchased my third bottle since August a few days ago. I have used Niozoral and other thickening shampoos and this stuff blows it away.

D. Turner


I used this product every day and it really made a difference in terms of how clean my hair felt and it also did not leave any extra residue the way other products do. Moreover, you don't need to use a lot of the product since it's concentrated. One of the things you have to look out for in shampoos is that they don't contain any chloride or any other harmful ingredients that may damage your hair. I think it's also great that this shampoo promotes healthy hair growth as well

Hair Cycle Conditioner:
I had to only use this product a couple of times a week but it really softened the texture of my hair throughout and made it more manageable.

Post Biotin Spray:
This product was my favorite because its basic function is to accelerate the healing of the wounds around each and every follicle that has been placed in your scalp. Moreover, healthy follicle growth is contingent on how quickly the wound heal also. So basically, the more you use this product the better, now and later. In addition to healing the wounds, it also gave my scalp a cooling sensation which felt great.

Post Surgical Gel:
This product was mainly used to heal the donor area. It works in the same way as the Post Biotin Gel in the sense that it accelerates the healing process of the wounds in the donor area. It's a thick solution and glides on smoothly. The way it works is that it basically dries out the wounds in the donor area so they heal much faster.

In conclusion:
The success of any hair transplant procedure depends on how well the patient follows the post-operative directions and what products are used. A hair transplant procedure is a very important personal investment which is why I think it's important to make sure that you get the best results, which Hair Cycle makes possible.

Gregory, E


Now, one person's experience (me) is by no means a scientific study, but for me, I have seen a huge reduction in the number of shed hairs during the time I have been using Hair Cycle conditioner and hairspray (ran out of the shampoo). These products have (it says on the label) "anagen stimulators". In other words they are designed to extend hair's anagen period or growth phase. I have tried a few different things over the last couple of years, so far the Minoxidil/Hair Cycle combo has worked best for me.

Michelle T.


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