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HairCycle products are an extraordinarily effective and highly potent blend of DHT inhibitors, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, cell proliferates, anagen stimulators, nitric oxide , precursors and androgen blockers.
All HairCycle Products are physician-formulated, safe, contains Bio-active Ingredients, and naturally based. They provide a vehicle that is both gentle and effective, and leaves the hair soft and manageable.
The products are ideal for those undergoing hair transplant surgery, providing super fast healing,  hair loss

Get the HairCycle all natural products now and make your hair healthier and stronger

What are the Benefits of Using HairCycle?

HairCycle is a physician formulated product line designed to gently cleanse your hair. The products are derived from completely natural ingredients. The gentle formulation does not excessively remove the native oils on your scalp, which leaves your hair healthier, fuller, and more manageable.


Stimulates Hair Growth / For Men & Women
For men and women with hair loss
All Natural with No Alcohol
Physician formulated
Contains Anagen Stimulators and DHT Inhibitors
Contains a blend of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and cell proliferates
Gentle and effective
Adds strength and protection
Soft and more manageable hair
Improves hair thickness
Weightless ingredients
Includes B5 for healthy hair


Best Post-op Treatment / For Men & Women
All Natural with No Alcohol
Physician formulated
Helps clean and maintain post-surgical scalp
Maximizes healing of the donor area
Stimulates circulation and promotes hair growth
Reduces redness
Heals any type of skin scarring
Minimizes scabs and crusting
Speeds healing
Includes B5 for healthy hair
Improves hair thickness

Our Customer's Stories...

I want to praise your wonderful products My hair always felt so dry and since i tried the shampoo and especially the conditioner my hair feels so rich and smooth...excellent...bravo!

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