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HairCycle Exhibiting Products at Upcoming Atlanta Event!

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Find us at the 21st Annual Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Healthy Lifestyle Event this April 21st through the 22nd. The first event of its type, the WNHHLE typically draws over 300 exhibitors and 30,000 attendees. Along with educative workshops, attendees can enjoy beauty services, musical performances, a children's attractions, and a men's lounge. An event that mainly focuses on products and styling workshops relevant for African Americans, all attendees find the WNHHLE an educative and fun experience.  

We look forward to participating! Our emphasis on results is only second to one consideration: our patients' health. One of the first pioneers of FUE, Dr. Cole's innovations concerning hair restoration are far and wide. From unmatched hair growth treatments and transplant techniques to specialty surgical instruments, all such contributions aim to improve the quality of life for those suffering hair loss.

Follow Up HT Healing using Hair Cycle

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This is a patient who shared his experience with the Hair Cycle products 2 months post-surgery. As you can see on our testimonial page consistently, the hair cycle really helps fast healing for hair restoration.

Holiday discount for Hair Cycle products

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Holiday discount for Hair Cycle products

Dear HairCycle Customer,

Now you can get a special 'discount' for this holiday only!


Hair Cycle products are 'physician formulated', safe, and leaves the hair soft and naturally-based.

They are very effective and attack hair loss process from many angles:

  • Decreases the formation of DHT
  • Natural antioxidants substances that reduce free radical damage.
  • Stimulates hair follicle's growth
  • Improves hair strength, shine and body with natural ingredients
  • Promotes increased circulation in the scalp
  • Moisturizes the hair and scalp
  • Free of chemicals

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    We are very happy to provide you our products and information about how they work. We will always strive to bring you the best products, prices and customer service that you expect.

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    Best Regards,

    HairCycle team

Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements for Hair Loss

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Vitamins play a crucial role in the functions of the body. Some have specialized duties serving as chemical messengers, similar to hormones, while others are a part of enzymes termed “co-enzymes” that aid metabolic reactions in the body. When we think about the importance of vitamins, we first want to think about nutrition. “Nutrition is the science of food, the nutrients, and the substances therein, their action, interaction, and balance in relation to health and disease and the process by which the organism ingests, digests, absorbs, transports, utilizes, and excretes food substances” (Reinhard 1998).

The term “vitamin” was derived from a Polish scientist, Casimir Funk, in 1911. The original term vitamin referred to products considered “vital to life” and were originally thought to have a nitrogen-containing component called an amine. It was later determined that not all vitamins contain an amine compound, thus the “e” was dropped from the word (Herrmann, Wolfgang, Obeid, and Rima 2011).

Hair loss and Ferritin Level

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I am 20 years old and have semi-curly hair. The hair was not very dense but still, they were quite heavy. I have a low level of HB and I got my s. ferritin checked which was also very low. I have excessive hair loss, especially in the front and sides above the ears. My hair has become almost 60-65% Can you please suggest what I should do? I am a vegetarian, but if my health demands I can consume non-veg too.

Is Biotin a Miracle Supplement for Hair?

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Biotin is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin, that our body, unfortunately, does not store. One has to ingest it daily. There are several natural sources of biotin in foods like eggs, walnuts, peanuts, whole-wheat bread, pork, salmon, soybean, cauliflower, etc. If such foods are not part of the daily diet, one can get biotin through supplements. Most multi-vitamin pills already contain biotin in some amounts.

Hair Loss Remedy For Thicker hair

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My hair is colored hair,but my hair is always thick,now am losing hair i feel its becoming thinner.I oil my hair once in a week and keep it for 2 hours and wash it.pls advise me any other remedy for making hair thick and strong,to stop hair fall?

I would like to inform you that some hair dyes are damaging to the hair follicles and cause the hair to actually break. Hair loss in females is usually not evident until the later years (the 40s-50s). There are many different ways to give hair a fuller appearance. Hair products that are all-natural will help and hair products containing anagen stimulators as well. Also, the amount of iron in the blood may cause hair loss in females. Lastly, there is also a chance that the thyroid is not in good condition. These reasons inthick hair addition to stress can cause hair loss for females.

There were many discussions about this issue, I strongly advise you to read them as they will provide you with lots of information:

My hair is getting thinner
Haircycle and hair length
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Why My Hair Stopped Growing?

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Over the last year my hair has completely stopped growing. I used to
have very long hair and got it trimmed regularly.
I have had to stop trimming it as it is now only barely to my shoulders. I am afraid to cut any more of it because the length won't grow back. I am female and always had long hair, this is a major worry for me.

It is not unusual to see this sort of problem in someone who has used long-term chemical treatments on their hair. This may cause chemical alopecia (hair loss), or telogen effluvium, with shedding and growth retardation.

Obviously, the best course of action is to cease using the products or to find an alternative. A consultation with a dermatologist or a good hair loss/hair restoration physician is in order, so that a definitive diagnosis may be made. Laboratory studies and/or a scalp biopsy might be needed to reveal the true cause and nature of the condition.
We always recommend using the hair cycle products as they help to accelerate anagen. Hair cycle products are an extraordinarily effective and highly potent blend of DHT inhibitors, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, cell proliferates, anagen stimulators, nitric oxide, precursors, and androgen blockers.

My Hair Is Falling Very Rapidly, What is the Solution?

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My hair is falling very rapidly and I want to know any shampoo for treatment. I am 22 years old female, Diabetic

'Hair loss' can be caused by any number of conditions. In fact, losing around 100 hairs a day is a natural part of hair "growth cycle", but at some point, some excessive hair loss could happen. There is a strong chance that women with hair loss have a deficiency of some kind that may be helped through nutrition or supplements. In some cases, these women can be helped before menopause through other means. Such things as low iron and hormones may be causing hair loss. You should check with your doctor for 'anemia', excessive male hormones, 'thyroid' function, rheumatoid diseases, and other medical problems. Hair loss could be caused by medication and stress too. In most cases, it is a temporary situation. Fortunately, medications and 'hair care products can be used to manage hair loss. We suggest you get the test results from your preferred doctor as a starting point.

Why Minoxidil Doesn't Work For Me?

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I want to ask about other types of treatment other than Minoxidil I can use. I am class 6 and I have treated my hair with Minoxidil 5% for more than one year and it doesn't give any result except a few fine short hairs

Being a class 6, we recommend a comprehensive program for your maximum 'medical therapy, which includes 'Propecia', 'Rogaine', and Hair Cycle products. 'Propecia prolongs the growth cycle of hair and will slow down your hair loss. 'Rogaine' stimulates the anagen phase and gives strength and thickness to your hairs. 'Hair cycle shampoo' and conditioner are designed to provide the two effects described above with natural ingredients. Hair Cycle hair care products fight hair loss at its root and promote 'hair growth'. The secret is a unique combination of all-natural ingredients that block 'androgen receptors', ease inflammation, decrease the formation of DHTs and free radicals, and encourage the growth of hair of 'nitro oxidants' and 'hair follicle cells. 'Hair cycle' contains 'vitamins', 'saw palmetto', 'biotin, and other' ingredients' to strengthen your hairs and make them shiny and healthy. This therapy will help you to stabilize your hair loss and get maximum benefit for a long time.


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