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Redness post hair restoration surgery

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I am 3 weeks post op from a hair transplant surgery and am looking to get some Biotin Spray to help with recipient area redness.

Thank you for your inquiry. Individuals who undergo hair transplant surgery for hair loss, particularly those who have a large procedure are prone to redness after surgery. Individuals with fair skin or skin that is pink prior to a procedure are more prone to post-operative redness. Redness is a sign of inflammation. Hair cycle products are designed to reduce inflammation and redness. We will be happy to send you some biotin spray as this may help to speed your recovery and reduce redness. It helps to get rid of scabbing and redness faster. It has also been reported to promote faster hair re-growth. In order to get the most benefit of the Biotin spray, you should begin using it every hour during your procedure and continue a light mist of the recipient area every hour after the procedure while awake. Don't worry about waking up every hour while asleep. A full night's rest is important to the healing process too. Since you are already three weeks out from your procedure, you will not get all the benefits of the Biotin Spray. Still, it is good to begin using it now as it is very healthy for your grafts.

Don't forget that the shampoo and conditioner are very healthy for your hair and your hair loss. The shampoo has been reported to speed up the growth rate of hair. This can be very important to those with thinner hair, particularly those with fine hair or with hair loss.

Hair Transplant in the young patient

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I'm 21 years old with minimal hair loss and want to rostore my hair, Is hair transplant a good option?

Hair restoration surgery in young patients can be dangerous. We simply do not have a crystal ball and no one can predict your future. If you begin surgery when you are young, you may find your hair loss exceeds your donor capacity. At this point, you may wish that you had not begun doing surgery and simply desire to return to your natural state of baldness. Unfortunately, I find many individuals present to my office with this very complaint. They simply want to return to a natural, bald state. The younger the person when he first experiences hair loss, the more hair loss he can expect to occur over the remainder of his life. Like it or not, hair loss is a lifelong process that will not cease until you die or you discover a medical cure for hair loss. We cannot predict when we will see a cure for hair loss. If you are already an advanced degree of hair loss in your early twenties, we would recommend against hair restoration surgery. If your degree of loss is less, and you have excellent hair characteristics, you might consider a surgical solution at some point with the treatment of hair cycle post-op products.


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