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My Hair Is Falling Very Rapidly, What is the Solution?

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My hair is falling very rapidly and I want to know any shampoo for treatment. I am 22 years old female, Diabetic

'Hair loss' can be caused by any number of conditions. In fact, losing around 100 hairs a day is a natural part of hair "growth cycle", but at some point, some excessive hair loss could happen. There is a strong chance that women with hair loss have a deficiency of some kind that may be helped through nutrition or supplements. In some cases, these women can be helped before menopause through other means. Such things as low iron and hormones may be causing hair loss. You should check with your doctor for 'anemia', excessive male hormones, 'thyroid' function, rheumatoid diseases, and other medical problems. Hair loss could be caused by medication and stress too. In most cases, it is a temporary situation. Fortunately, medications and 'hair care products can be used to manage hair loss. We suggest you get the test results from your preferred doctor as a starting point.

We recommend a well-balanced diet and vitamins that are essential not only to prevent hair loss but also to promote healthy hair. Good nutrition is vital to healthy hair growth, just as it's essential to overall good health. Although your body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain proper body functions, there are several that are specific to 'hair growth[/tag] and health such as the B vitamins, especially B5 Vitamin C and E, 'biotin[/tag], and 'Zink[/tag]. It is important to check with your doctor before starting a 'vitamin[/tag] program, especially if you have health concerns.

'Hair Cycle care products[/tag] fight hair loss at its root and promote hair growth with 'natural ingredients[/tag]. Unlike other products that use harsh chemicals, preservatives, lathering agents, and degreasers, 'Hair Cycle products[/tag] are formulated to protect the hair and scalp and extend the active growing phase. The secret is a unique combination of all-natural ingredients that block androgen receptors, ease inflammation, decrease the formation of DHTs and free radicals, and encourage the growth of hair of nitro oxidants and hair follicle cells. The Hair cycle products contain 'vitamins[/tag], 'saw palmetto[/tag], 'biotin[/tag] and other ingredients to strengthen your hair and make it shiny and healthy.

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