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Why Minoxidil Doesn't Work For Me?

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I want to ask about other types of treatment other than Minoxidil I can use. I am class 6 and I have treated my hair with Minoxidil 5% for more than one year and it doesn't give any result except a few fine short hairs

Being a class 6, we recommend a comprehensive program for your maximum 'medical therapy, which includes 'Propecia', 'Rogaine', and Hair Cycle products. 'Propecia prolongs the growth cycle of hair and will slow down your hair loss. 'Rogaine' stimulates the anagen phase and gives strength and thickness to your hairs. 'Hair cycle shampoo' and conditioner are designed to provide the two effects described above with natural ingredients. Hair Cycle hair care products fight hair loss at its root and promote 'hair growth'. The secret is a unique combination of all-natural ingredients that block 'androgen receptors', ease inflammation, decrease the formation of DHTs and free radicals, and encourage the growth of hair of 'nitro oxidants' and 'hair follicle cells. 'Hair cycle' contains 'vitamins', 'saw palmetto', 'biotin, and other' ingredients' to strengthen your hairs and make them shiny and healthy. This therapy will help you to stabilize your hair loss and get maximum benefit for a long time.

At this stage, you can start with 'Propecia[/tag] 1mg once a day, continue with 'Rogaine[/tag] foam 5% and use 'Hair cycle shampoo[/tag] and 'conditioner[/tag] daily. A 'dermatologist[/tag] or hair specialist can prescribe 'Propecia[/tag] for you.

We also recommend a well-balanced diet and vitamins that are essential not only to prevent hair loss but also to promote healthy hair. Good nutrition is vital to healthy hair growth, just as it's essential to overall good health. Although your body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to maintain proper body functions, there are several that are specific to hair growth and health such as the B vitamins, especially B5 Vitamin C and E, biotin, and Zink. It is important to check with your doctor before starting a vitamin program, especially if you have health concerns.

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