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Is HairCycle adequately tested and tried for human use?

Is the product that u mentioned adequately tested and tried for human use? I am a potential patient and would like to try the product that promotes hair growth. Does it promote growth of existing hair or new hair?

HairCycle are hair care products. They are not considered drugs and are not tested per se. All of the ingredients have been tested in the past and are considered safe for human use. We do not strictly consider them products that "re-grow" hair.

The HairCycle products are designed and formulated to nourish hair and allow the hair optimum health; also, they are formulated for the post-op period (the biotin spray and post surgical gel), to be used by hair transplant patients.

Anyone who desires healthier hair should consider Hair Cycle products. You can read more about it here:

HairCycle use for the active cell multiplication cycle where hairs elongate

HairCycle use for hair restoration post surgical treatment

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  • Margie
    Margie Friday, 19 August 2011 15:05 Comment Link

    Great thinking! That really beraks the mold!

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