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Hair Loss Solutions

Now that we know the causes of hair loss in Androgenetic Alopecia (MPB), we can move to the next step which is evaluating your type of hair loss. You can simply fill this Consultation Form to get diagnose by a doctor. There are a lot of male myths about balding and hair loss. Let's explore them before pointing the solutions:

Hair Loss myths

  • Men's baldness comes from the mother's side- False, it can come from any family relative
  • Long hair and hats can cause hair loss-False,
  • Using styling products-There is no hair care product that can cause direct hair loss, however using Haircycle Natural Styling Gel can stimulate anagen for a healthy hair environment.
  • Shampooing does not accelerate balding; the hairs you find are just the ones ready to come out, and these will be replaced.
  • There are no viral infections that cause direct balding. Some powerful medications, however, may be culprits of hair loss since they kill off the hair's roots. In any case, always consult your physician.

Now, that we know what does and doesn't cause hair loss, we can review the available options for your treatment. 
There are only 5 types of treatments available today: 

  • DHT Inhibitors
  • Stimulants hair in Anagen phase
  • Anti-inflammatory's
  • Antiandrogens

Hair Cycle Products includes all this treatments and more, Hair cycle is natural and contains no alcohol (except the Volume hair spray). Hair cycle is highly effective for healing process post hair restoration surgery, A combination of hair cycle during hair transplant is proven to produce superior and better results then any other product on the market. Whatever your goal is, if its to have better healthy hair, or just to maintain your hair, Hair Cycle is a safe and natural solution.

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