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If you stop using Hair Cycle, will you loose the hair that it promoted to grow?

Is hair clycle like the nioxin? Meaning if you stop using the hair cycle, what new hair that you've grown while using the hair cycle, u will loose it if you stop using hair cycle. Thanks

Hair Cycle does not grow new hair and neither does Nioxin. It is probable that Nioxin stimulates anagen much like Hair Cycle products do. If you cease using Hair Cycle products, you can expect the anagen duration to decrease. This will not cause hair loss by itself. Rather, the hairs will resume their shorter anagen duration and enter the resting phase in a shorter period of time. If the growing or anagen phase decreases in time, the hairs will enter the resting phase sooner. Each hair has only a finite number of growth cycles. If the growth cycles become shorter, the hairs will have a shorter life span and you will loose them sooner. Therefore, you want to stay on Hair Cycle products for as long as possible to stimulate longer growth periods. This will help to insure that your hair stays on your head longer and off of your pillow. Imagine that you could apply something that will increase your own life span. If you ceased applying it, you would die sooner. Would you cease applying it? You will not loose the hair that Hair Cycle stimulates. You will only cause the hair to fall out sooner and have a shorter life span.

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