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How Does Hair Cycle Shampoo Works?

Does anyone use the hair cycle shampoo and if so how does it work? Also what other kinds of shampoos do you use with it. Thanks.

Hair Cycle shampoo and conditioners stimulate anagen or the growth phase of hair. By stimulating anagen, hair will grow faster. In addition, stimulation of anagen will increase the number of hairs in the active growing phase. It is important to recognize that hairs cycle. They go from an active growing phase to a resting phase every 3 to 5 years. When they go into a resting phase, they will fall out and you will see these resting hairs on your pillow, brush, and shower drain. By stimulating anagen, you will shed less and have fewer hairs on your pillow, etc. Hair Cycle products help keep hair on your head where it belongs and off of your pillow where it has no value. Women in particular love the fact that Hair Cycle shampoo and conditioner used together make their hair grow faster and longer than it ever has before. The products are natural ingredients that are good for you. Hair Cycle does not have harsh chemicals and lathering agents that are harmful to your skin and body. They are a healthy natural way to stimulate anagen and maintain a healthy environment on the scalp for your hair. Nature knows best. You will not see the lather that most shampoos create simply because this lather is there to make you think it is necessary to create a clean scalp. It is not necessary to clean your scalp. It is actually engine degreaser. It can be extremely harmful to your skin.

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