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HairCycle speeds up crust removal and promotes faster healing

Recently there was a study published by Bob Bernstein in which he evaluated the effects of scab removal following hair transplantation as a function of time following hair transplant surgery. He found that removal of the scab always resulted in a lost graft through day five following surgery. After day five, the risk of a lost graft reduced in frequency from 100% to 50% through day 8. With HairCycle products, we have found that the scab or crust can be removed by day three under physician supervision. Furthermore, scab reduction by the physician can be accomplished by the second day post-surgery. This represents a significant time improvement over prior methods to treat the post-operative region following hair transplant surgery.

Physicians should consider Hair Cycle products for reduced erythema, faster healing, and more rapid removal of scabs following hair transplant surgery. Patient surveys show that patients note faster healing, less redness, and more rapid scab removal following the use of Hair Cycle products even when compared to other products currently available.

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