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HairCycle Biotin spray and MINOXIDIL question !!

Can i use Biotin spray two month after my Hairtransplantation and can i make a combination with minoxidil ,in the morning minoxidil 5 % PPG free -10% alcohol and in the night Biotinspray on my scalp???, will i grow my transplantation hair when minoxidil and biotinspray used together???

I would apply the biotin one hour after the minoxidil and skip the hour that you apply the minoxidil. For instance, if you apply biotin at 7 am, apply minoxidil at 8 am, and then wait until 9am to apply the biotin. You can continue to use biotin for 2 or more months after a procedure without concern. I would begin to use hair cycle shampoo and conditioner with minoxidil to stimulate a longer anagen cycle. It is not proven that Hair Cycle will make grafts grow quicker and it is proven that minoxidil will not make grafts grow quicker.There are probably other factors that we are working on related to graft storage mediums that are more important to faster re-growth. we will keep you posted on this research.

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