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Hair Loss and HairCycle

can you tell me if your products slow or stop hair loss... i'm only interested in the products to help slow hair loss and not to have a transplant... have you had success with it slowing or halting hair loss or shedding?

Everyone loses hair. In fact, losing around 100 hairs a day is natural part of the hair growth cycle. But at some point, most people experience excessive hair loss. Whether it's triggered by hormonal imbalance, stress, medication, exposure to chemicals, nutritional deficiency, thyroid or skin disease or even childbirth or birth control pills, loss occurs. In most cases, it is a temporary situation, but sometimes can be permanent. Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia are the most common forms of hair loss in men, and both are permanent. Fortunately, medications and hair care products can be used to manage hair loss.

Hair Cycle hair care products fight hair loss at its root and stimulates anagen and retards hair loss by extending the duration of anagen. The secret is a unique combination of all-natural ingredients that block androgen receptors, ease inflammation, decrease formation of DHTs and free radicals, and encourage growth of nitro oxidants and hair follicle cells.

Many of the chemicals found in traditional hair care products contain substances that can be harmful to the skin and scalp. The most frequent causes of stress to the scalp are improper hair styling, staining and hair care ingredients, insufficient rinsing after shampooing, or rinsing with highly chlorinated or contaminated water. In fact, remaining detergents are often the leading cause of scalp irritation, seborrhea and hair loss. Concentrated shampoos and combined shampoo/conditioners make it very difficult to wash out detergents.

Conversely, natural ingredients promote hair recovery after intensive hair treatments, and help minimize hair loss. Studies show that the herb Saw Palmetto inhibits DHT formation with no side effects. Aloe Vera enhances cellular regeneration. And rosemary is a purifying, antiseptic agent that removes buildup and stimulates the hair root to grow hair. Green Tea has wonderful antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-dandruff properties and it adds sheen and elasticity to hair. L-argnine boost nitric oxide levels, promotes circulation, and aids in the release of human growth hormone. Together, these breakthrough botanical discoveries represent the best chance for compromised hair follicles to begin growing healthy hair again.

Hair Cycle products are free of harsh chemicals, and use safe natural ingredients that thoroughly cleanse the hair without unnecessary lathering. Natural ingredients combine to prevent premature hair loss and increase anagen stimulation by supplying hair follicles with essential nutrients. Like all herbal remedies, Hair Cycle products may take several months to slow or stop hair loss and to create an healthy hair environment that prolongs anagen.

Facts About how Haircycle works

Our team of physicians set about designing the Hair Cycle system to create a solution that wasn't available on the market. Using a safe, all-natural formula, Hair Cycle products are gentle topical treatments that can fight hair loss on multiple fronts—while fostering healthy healing.

DHT: How Can Hair Cycle Products Minimize its Effects?

One of the most common causes of hair loss in men pattern baldness is the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). While drugs are available to reduce the formation of DHT, many cause unwanted side effects like sexual dysfunction or growth of breast tissue. Hair Cycle products contain all-natural, topical 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and androgen receptor blockers that actually prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT—without unpleasant side effects.

The Anagen Phase: How Can Hair Cycle Products Extend It?

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases—anagen, the active growth phase; catagen, the transition phase; and telogen, the resting or dormant phase. When hair spends more time in the telogen phase and less in the anagen phase, the result is hair loss and male pattern baldness.

Ideally used as part of an overall therapeutic program, Hair Cycle products contain several ingredients that stimulate the anagen growth phase to increase the number of growing hairs, and keep hair in the active phase.

Antioxidants: Why are they Important in Fighting Hair Loss?

The formation of free radicals can damage cell membranes and nutrients, causing the breakdown of nitric oxide in the hair. If hair follicle cells are damaged by free radicals after hair transplant surgery, this can damage the tissue, destroying the new grafts place. To fight these free radicals, antioxidants are necessary to neutralize them, helping to detoxify and protect the body. There is not one single antioxidant that is most effective. In order to be effective there must be a team of antioxidants all working together. Hair Cycle products include several powerful, but natural antioxidant substances to reduce free radical damage on a daily basis and during the critical post-operative period.

Natural Ingredients: Why Are They an Important Part of a Daily Hair Care Routine?

All products in the Hair Cycle system use safe natural ingredients for good reason. Nature knows best. Many of the lathering agents and chemicals found in mainstream hair care products contain substances that can actually harm the skin and scalp. Free of harsh chemicals, Hair Cycle products thoroughly cleanse hair without unnecessary lathering. Natural ingredients combine to prevent premature hair loss and increase anagen stimulation by supplying hair follicles with essential nutrients.

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