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Hair Cycle Shampoo Advantages

Dear Dr. Cole, What are the advantages to using Hair Cycle Shampoo?

Hair Cycle Shampoo contains no harsh chemicals that strip your hair of its natural shine.  When used in conjunction with the specially formulated Hair Cycle Conditioner, the line buffers the lubricating fatty acid layer on the outer sheath of hair follicles.  Your treated hair is then less susceptible to building an electrostatic charge, leaving it full-bodied in appearance throughout the day.

You have mentioned in previous questions that Hair Cycle Shampoo contains “natural” ingredients. What harm is there in other products that contain chemicals? Aren’t they in place for my benefit as a consumer?

Well, you raise an interesting question. Yes, the degreasing chemical (sodium lauryl sulfate) in most commercial shampoos can certainly be an asset, but only under extreme conditions. Shark experts have found that this component severely agitates the creature’s sensitive gill filaments causing it to “freak out.” Assuming you are not an avid deep-sea diver, however, repeated use of this harsh astringent would rid your hair of the natural oils necessary for adequate volume and shine.

If the Hair Cycle Shampoo does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate then how can I know it will clean my hair thoroughly?

Hair Cycle Shampoo contains biotin to improve the metabolism of scalp oils while strengthening hair. Additionally, Hair Cycle is formulated with tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract that serve as natural antimicrobial agents. You can be certain that your hair will be clean and healthy after using Hair Cycle.

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