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Hair Cycle And Hair Shedding

I'm currently using your shampoo with anagen stimulators - for almost 2 weeks now. I've actually noticed that my hair seems to be getting thinner after starting this product. I was just wondering if there is a "normal" shedding period or if I should stop using this product.

Anagen stimulation can occur at many points along the life cycle of a hair. Hairs are always either growing or resting. When a new hair begins to grow, it pushes the old resting, non-growing hair out. This process is much like how an adult tooth pushes out the baby tooth and eventually replaces the temporary tooth with a permanent tooth. Hair, is different than teeth in that hairs have multiple cycles, while teeth have only two. Your thinning may be an indication that the Hair Cycle is stimulating anagen. Stimulation of anagen will result in multiple new hair cycles that push the old, resting, non-growing hairs out. This scenario would be a clear indication that you are responding to Hair Cycle in a very positive manner.

You must understand that all hairs continue to cycle throughout your lifetime and it is believed by many that hairs have only a limited number of cycles in an individual's lifetime. Prolonging the growing phase for 1 or 2 years can add many years to the life of a hair. This is the basis for Hair Cycle products. Suppose that you add 2 years to each hair on your scalp and each hair has 10 more cycles. You would in theory add up to 20 years life to your hair.

Hair Cycle products are a natural solution to prolonging the life of your hair. They are not going to create new hair or stop your hair loss. Of course prolonging the anagen duration might eventually make your hair look fuller because it will be longer. The primary reason you should use the products is to prolong the life of your hair while scientists and researchers continue their efforts to develop permanent solutions to hair loss.

One other situation you should consider is that your hair may be entering a shedding phase in the natural progression of your hair loss. This is a very common occurrence. Hair loss tends to remain stable for many years and then accelerate like someone who was walking along a plateau but suddenly falls off the edge. When this occurs there is a massive shedding, which is all part of the natural hair loss process. This programmed shedding can occur at any point completely unrelated to the use of any oral or topical products. It might be coincidental that your thinning occurred soon after you began using Hair Cycle products. Regardless, Hair Cycle products are not accelerating your hair loss. They are anagen stimulators and prolong the life of hair as opposed to hair loss inducers. You should continue on the products. They are safe and much healthier than most other shampoos on the market. They will not cause you to lose hair.

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