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Hair Cycle and Hair Length

Hello, i'm a female and my question is can haircycle help increase the hair length?

Females often have problems achieiving hair length. Many have their hair cut only twice a year for this reason with minimal increase in length between clippings. You may ask, why cut it at all? They do this in order to shape the hair and to remove "split ends". Women who have followed this bi-annual routine for years have been using Hair Cycle Shampoo and Hair Cycle Conditioner. The two are complimentary and designed to be used together. Typically, women will use two bottles of shampoo for every bottle of conditioner, however. Most men do not use conditioner, but the Hair Cycle Conditioner is a healthy product especially for those who have problems with their hair growth, shine, etc.

The question was, is their hair length greater because they are not cutting their hair or becasue of Hair Cycle products. The answer is that they continue to cut their hair along the same schedule, but the females and their hair dressors note an increased length between clippings. The females also note that their hair is fuller and longer than it has ever been.

Hair Cycle has natural ingredients designed to promote anagen, stimulate growth, and convert telogen hairs into growing anagen hairs. They are healthy products for your scalp. Most shampoos will lather much better than Hair Cycle. lather is really due to sodium laurel sulfate. The lathering agents in most shampoos are basically engine degressors. they are not healthy for your scalp. Lather is something the cosmetic industry tricks you into thinking you need. It is not necessary to clean your scalp and actually has harmful effects. Lather is also something you are not going to want much of following a transplant. following a transplant, you want a clean, healthy environment from a shampoo that produces minimal lather so that you can more easily rinse the product out of your hair. You certainly don't want to allow build up of engine degressor over fresh incision wounds.

Hair Cycle has anti-inflamatories and anti-oxidants along with two natural ingredients that help to digrest crusts and protein debris. This is why they crusts lift more easily. If you still have crusts after 10 days, it is because you are not washing your scalp agressively enough. I recomend that you use a fine tooth comb after 10 days to lift the crusts off your scalp. you will find they come off much easier without loose fragments of hair when you use Hair Cycle. the anti-inflamatories will reduce redness, but they will not eliminate it altogether. those individuals who have bright pink scalps, especially the Irish, are going to have a pink scalp regardless of what you do, but the pinkness can be attenuated or decreased with Hair Cycle products. We also recomend the post-operative wound gel for the donor strip incision line following surgery to promote healing and reduced redness.

I begin using Hair Cycle at the onset of surgery. As soon as the first insicion is made we lightly mist the recipient area every hour. we continue this throughout the procedure and every hour while awake in the post-operative phase of the procedure.

We often hair patients come to us for multiple day procedures that can span into a second week. we found that the scabs literally lifted off the scalp leaving the grafted hairs in place literaly a days following the procedure. This is something your physician can do for you if you desire. we do not recomend that you try it immediatly after surgery becasue you might accidentally dislodge a graft. we have not studied it, but i suspect it is safe for you to begin lifting scabs by the 5th day. If you look at wound healing, you see that a rapid proliferative phase begins on the 4th day and collegen bonds begin to form binding graft to incision wound.

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  • Liza
    Liza Friday, 19 August 2011 15:05 Comment Link

    A bit surprised it seems to smiple and yet useful.

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