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Start Growing Thicker Hair: Order WNT Act Today!

WNT Act is taking hair restoration on an exciting new course. Formulated by world-renowned physician Dr. Cole, WNT Act is the first take-home hair restoration treatment to act on a genetic level. Equally effective for both sexes, WNT Act is the treatment that stimulates the WNT pathways, the signaling system first responsible for follicular generation and growth. Results are impressive: appliers enjoy a 10% increase in diameter and a 7% increase in hair density after 60 days of use.

The treatment's results make it effective as Propecia or Rogaine -without being redundant. Those who use both products, or other proven alternatives, can still use WNT Act for additionally thick hair. Like those two products, WNT Act also encourages hair retention: thinning areas begin growing healthy hair and balding areas cease spreading.

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The Science Behind WNT Act

As mentioned, the WNT pathways are critical for hair follicle generation and hair growth. Further, subsequent exposure to WNT is critical for follicles to further grow and to continue staying healthy. Those with less WNT pathway activity also have less hair -often a result of the DKK1 androgen, the primary inhibitor of WNT. Put in simple terms: the less WNT activity, the more likely hair is thinning, balding, and becoming thinner.

Research indicates methyl vanillate, a safe plant-derived ingredient, activates the WNT messengers. WNT Act combines this crucial ingredient with trehalose, a protein stabilizer, to better administer the ingredient.


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The overall result of WNT Act is a baseline WNT increase of 32%. As significant, there is a 21% decrease in DKK1. This, in turn, yields a 10% increase in diameter and a 7% increase in hair density. Unlike many other hair treatment regimens, no negative effects have been reported either.

WNT Act's formula and mechanisms work separately from Propecia or Rogaine. Near anyone who uses this new hair treatment increases density in addition to the benefits of whatever other hair treatments they use. This means, with WNT Act, total hair density can increase 20%+ for those currently on a hair treatment regimen. Like Propecia or Rogaine, it also is shown to increase hair retention and stop thinning or balding.

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Patients Have Every Reason to Start Using WNT Act

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Effective as for women as for men, WNT Act is the world's first unisex hair restoration treatment. It uses all natural ingredients and, crucially, is proven to work. WNT is also complimentary towards other hair restoration treatments that specialists currently recommend. See today how looking great, and boasting thicker hair, can be so simple. Order WNT Act today!


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