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Hair Transplant Photos

The hair transplant photos show the scalps of individuals who have had Hair Transplant done on their scalps. The hair transplant photos make the transplant scars clearly visible to the naked eye. Seeing the Hair Transplant photos all of a sudden may make them appear gross on the very first viewing but then the viewer will gradually get used to these photos.


How is a hair transplant done?

Surgeons all over the world usually follow two procedures while doing a hair transplant surgery. The first method of the surgery involves Strip harvesting. In this procedure, a piece of the scalp is cut and taken out from that part of the head containing hair. This piece of scalp is cut into very fine pieces. These pieces along with the attached hair follicles are grafted in that part of the head that is experiencing massive thinning of the hair.

The second method is known as Follicular Unit Extraction. In this method, strands of hair are plucked from that part of the head that has a denser hair growth and artificially planted into that part of the head that is prone to hair loss and baldness.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hair transplant surgery

When we talk about the advantages of having a hair transplant surgery, we cannot but feel happy about the fact that we can cure baldness and thinning of hair. This comes as a blessing especially for those who are pursuing a career in either acting or modeling.

But then there is a negative side to the hair transplant surgery. This is because, this apparently welcoming surgery procedure will leave behind a hair transplant scar on your scalp that you need to carry on for quite a few days. For those pursuing a modeling or an acting career, this may not sound pleasant enough.

Get past that hair transplant scar.

Of course there are ways to get rid of the hair transplant scar. The best way to do so is to opt for the MHT procedure. MHT stands for Micro Hair Technique. By this procedure, an individual will experience a marked reduction in the hair transplant scar.

According to the surgeons, if an individual shaves off his or her hair following the MHT, then there is a ninety five percent chance that the scar will go unnoticed by the others. It is only when the hair gets long; the scar will become visible again.

The net is full of hair transplant photos. The websites and the clinics posting these photographs make sure that the privacy of the patients is kept secured. Previously the scars used to be a cause of embarrassment for many but now as the scars are getting healed, more and more people are coming forward and volunteering to get clicked with the scar as well as without the scar.


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