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Are The Haircycle Products Safe?

I would like to know if its safe to use your products if I am not actually suffering from hair loss? I have not been diagnosed with such a condition nor do I believe I am shedding more hair than I normally should. However, I do think my hair in general is not as thick and does not grow as long as it used to in my younger years. I am 34. I was wondering if I used your shampoo and conditioner if that would help thicken my hair and let it grow longer? And would it be safe to use if I am not suffering from medically diagnosed hair loss

All Haircycle products are made from natural ingredients that are completely safe unless you know that you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients. Topical allergies can occur in anyone. Some people are even allergic to the coins in their pockets or the elastic in their underwear. Of course such allergies are extremely uncommon including those to the ingredients in Haircycle products.

Haircycle products are specifically formulated to promote longer hair. We feel they may increase the duration of anagen, but they also could increase the rate of hair growth. While Haircycle products are specifically formulated to help those with hair coverage, there is no evidence that they reduce hair loss or reverse hair loss due to male pattern baldness. Haircycle products are very healthy for you scalp and hair. They are safe for all individuals to use and much healthier for your scalp than the majority of shampoos that contain chemical ingredients that are man made rather than natural.


Biotin Spray Questions

Hello, I am a hair transplant patient. I had ~2300 FUE grafts done about a week ago. I love the Biotin spray, it's helping the healing process along, but I have a few questions about it:
1) On my forehead and the scalp area outside of where the grafts are, the skin seems to be peeling slightly, as if after a sunburn. I'm assuming this is because the Biotin spray promotes shedding of dead skin? Just want to make sure this is normal.
2) After all of my scabs are gone, how long should I continue to use the Biotin spray? I have read that it helps with the redness and also makes the grafts more healthy, so continued use makes sense...I just don't know for how long. And if so, I'm assuming I should decrease my usage from once an hour?
3) Does the biotin spray have any benefit for for other areas of my scalp where the hair is thinning, but did not receive any grafts, such as my crown?

We have noticed that Biotin spray can produce some skin peeling affects, as well. The skin peeling is really a form of a chemical peel. We first noticed that this occurs in some patients about 4 or 5 years ago. We found that the peeling left a younger, fresh layer of skin under the skin that peels. This is highly advantageous and something that many people pay thousands of dollars to achieve. You are getting younger skin at no additional cost. That is one of the advantages of Biotin spray. We were so excited about this that we made a version in a skin cream form that also helps to produce younger skin We never marketed it to the public, but many staff members have been very happy with this low cost, chemical peel that results in younger looking skin.

You may continue to use the Biotin spray until it is gone. It is very healthy for the grafts. We have not done any research into whether Biotin spray helps improve your thinning hair. We are precluded from discussing any affects on hair growth due to limitations imposed by the FDA. Therefore, there is no advantage to studying this.


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