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Hair Loss Remedy For Thicker hair

My hair is colored hair,but my hair is always thick,now am losing hair i feel its becoming thinner.I oil my hair once in a week and keep it for 2 hours and wash it.pls advise me any other remedy for making hair thick and strong,to stop hair fall?

I would like to inform you that some hair dyes are damaging to the hair follicals and cause the hair to actully break.   Hair loss in females is usually not evident until the later years (40s-50s).   There are many different ways to give hair a fuller appearance.   Hair product that are all natural will help and hair products containing anagen stimulators as well.   Also, the amount of iron in the blood may cause hair loss in females.   Lastly,   there is also a chance that the thyroid is not in good condition.   These reasons inthick hairaddition to stress,   can cause hair loss for females.

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