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Is It Safe to Use Hair Cycle Products?

Does hair cycle shampoo and conditioner makes your hair to shed? Are they safe?

Yes, they are safe. Cosmetics and hair care products do not go through the rigorous scientific tests to "prove" safety and efficacy (effectiveness) that drugs do, but all the ingredients in Haircycle are what is called "GRAS", which means "generally regarded as safe". This is a way that the governmental and regulatory agencies have of stating that these ingredients have been in general use for some time and problems have not been seen, and the manufacturing and scientific community at large accepts their use without reservation.
This is the only way that we would have used ANY of these ingredients.
There is a possibility that the ingredients in the shampoo and
conditioner may cause temporary shedding. The shedding is a sign that
the products are functioning properly by pushing the telogen
(non-growing) hairs out of the follicles to make way for the new hair.
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