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Converting telogen hairs into growing anagen hairs

What all products do u have for converting telogen hair into anagen. I am already using minoxydil. that does the same thing. also i am in india, how do i pay for ur products.. and what does it costfor a months supply

Haircycle cycle go from an active growing phase to a resting phase every 3 to 5 years. When they go into a resting phase, they will fall out and you will see these resting hairs on your pillow, brush, and shower drain. By stimulating anagen, you will shed less. Hair Cycle products do not have harsh chemicals and lathering agents that are harmful to your skin and body. Haircycle products have natural ingredients designed to promote anagen, stimulate growth, and convert telogen hairs into growing anagen hairs.Hair Cycle product line was created in the first place to fill a void in the existing hair care realm. These products are physician formulated, safe, and naturally-based, delivered in a vehicle that is gentle and effective, and leave the hair soft and manageable. The products are ideal for those undergoing hair transplant surgery, and for the millions of men and women worldwide experiencing hair loss.

You can use minoxidil and Haircycle products. Just don't shampoo your hair for 4 hours after applying minoxidil.

We offer different kits for your daily use. We also offer international shipping at a reasonable cost. You can place an order on line or you can call us directly to 1800-942-7482.

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