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Can HairCycle Slow Hair Loss?

I was wondering if your hair cycle products can be used overall to help slow hair loss?

In answer to this question, it must be kept in mind that we are not offering Hair Cycle products as a cure for hair loss per se, but as a tool to approach the problem of hair loss from as many different angles as possible. Therefore, anagen stimulation, nitric oxide formation, androgen blockade and decrease of androgen synthesis, diminishing inflammation, and free radical quenching all come together in this product line to ameliorate as many of the causative and coexistent factors of hair loss as possible. For patients seen in consult for their complaints of hair loss, we would recommend a comprehensive program of maximum medical therapy, which would include the Hair Cycle products in addition to other specific agents, as tolerated by the individual patient. For those unable or unwilling to use the currently available pharmacological agents, Hair Cycle could act as a stand-alone program. For those patients desiring to move forward with hair transplant surgery, provided they are reasonable candidates, the Hair Cycle products are specifically formulated for such individuals. However, even if this step is never taken, these hair care products are an excellent choice for those men and women suffering from hair loss.

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