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Can Biotin Spray use for hairloss and/or inflamation?

Can the post biotin spray be beneficial for use by those that are just sufferring from hairloss and/or inflamation and not post transplant care? I was thinking of using it morning and night maybe to calm down inflamation but I know it's not intended for that.

It would be indicated for this condition. There may also be some seborrheic dermatitis here that it would benefit, or just non-specific inflammation. We know that inflammation around the follicles is found in cases of androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness); this doesn not mean that inflammation is the cause of hair loss, just that it coexists. However, there are many aspects of inflammation that may be deleterious to healthy tissue. In the case of this condition, the ingredients of the Biotin Spray are designed to stimulate the anagen phase, to diminish inflammation and free radical formation, to nourish hair and promote healing. Any chronic inflammatory condition damages tissue and good healing will be of benefit.

I would also suggest using 1% Nizoral shampoo once or twice a week for the inflammation, in addition to the Biotin Spray and Hair Cycle shampoo/conditioner.

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