What is Hair Cycle?

Hair Cycle is a product line which is physician formulated to provide the highest degree of purity in its natural ingredients. The products clean and condition the hair and scalp, and provide styling enhancement for the most demanding consumer. In addition, there are components of the line which are directed specifically at the pre-operative period for those who choose hair transplantation as yet another mode of combating hair loss. Hair growth occurs in three phases: one, the anagen, or active growth phase; two, the catagen, or transition phase; and three, the telogen, or dormant, resting phase. anagenWhen dealing with pattern baldness, the anagen phase is obviously the most desirable of the three.

Hair loss condition is characterized by progressive shortening of the anagen phase and prolongation of the telogen phase. Hair Cycle products contain nitric oxide precursors, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories, and topical anti-androgens, which when used consistently, promote an environment conducive to healthy hair growth, and in the post operative period, they optimize wound healing, as well as graft survival. 

The science behind Hair Cycle


When tissues are deprived of their blood supply, even briefly, the cells may be damaged when blood is restored to the organ or tissue, a process known as reperfusion. Reperfusion injury occurs when the oxygen and nutrient deprived tissue is flooded with blood rich in free radicals, highly unstable and reactive compounds that can damage living cells. During hair transplant surgery, the follicular unit grafts are deprived of oxygen and nutrients after they are extracted from the scalp. There are a number of ways to limit reperfusion injury and free radical damage while these grafts await transplantation. We store the grafts in chilled saline solution and minimize the time these grafts spend outside the body.

The Hair Cycle Role

With our innovative “Hair Cycle” line of products, we are able to further protect these precious grafts by applying this physician formulated, safe and natural topical solution directly to the scalp and hair. This product is rich in antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories that decrease post-operative pain and swelling, allowing the scalp to heal more quickly and enhancing the survival of the new grafts. We have also included cell proliferants, anagen stimulators and nitric oxide stimulators, all of which function at the cellular level to optimize the conditions for growth of the new grafts. Finally, the Hair Cycle product line addresses the hormonal aspect of balding with potent topical inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase that reduce the level of DHT in the scalp.


Hair Cycle is a revolutionary, all-natural solution that fights against hair loss and is uniquely designed to promote superior healing after hair restoration surgery treatment. It can be used topically by both men and women and has no known systemic side effects. Hair Cycle products are physician formulated, safe, and naturally-based, delivered in a vehicle that is gentle and effective, and leave the hair soft and manageable. The products are ideal for those undergoing hair transplant surgery, and for the millions of men and women worldwide experiencing hair loss

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