Anagen Stimulators and it's effect
on hair lossAnagen hair

Hair growth occurs in three phases: one, the anagen, or active growth phase; two, the catagen, or transition phase; and three, the telogen, or dormant, resting phase. When dealing with pattern baldness, the anagen phase is obviously the most desirable of the three. Hair loss condition is characterized by progressive shortening of the anagen phase and prolongation of the telogen phase. 
As hair loss progresses, the follicle spends more and more time in the telogen phase, and less and less in the anagen phase. The hair thus becomes finer, as well as shorter and less pigmented (see graphic below). Eventually, it becomes much like the baby fine vellus hairs that are seen elsewhere on the body, and around the periphery of the scalp. This is often in evidence in area where most of the strong terminal hair has been lost; the bald area has soft, fine downy hair which provides essentially no coverage. Therefore, agents that may increase the anagen phase may be of benefit in pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia.

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There exist a number of substances that are known to stimulate the anagen phase of the hair cycle. These anagen inducers may be systemic or topical; one of the best things about topical application is that one avoids potential side effects. The Hair Cycle product line contains several anagen inducers in topical form. This, along with androgen inhibitors, anti-inflammatories, nitric oxide stimulators, and antioxidants, may help as part of an overall therapeutic plan to deal with the problem of hair loss in men and women.

Hair Cycle can extend the anagen phase

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